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Tuesday, 09 June 2015 09:08

What Kind of Moves are Available?

There are basically four types of services available to you when it's time to move:

The first is the "full DIY" move. You rent a truck and you pack, load, drive, unload and unpack yourself. We can help with cartons and moving supplies at our Box Stores - available at any of our local offices.

The second option open to you is to arrange with a moving company to provide a container (we offer local Capital containers in Kingston and through United Van Lines, offer long distance container service and FlexMove service) and to do the driving. You do the packing and loading at origin and the unloading and unpacking at destination. The movers will come take the container away once you're finished. Learn more about Moving Containers. Similarly, you may provide your own truck or trailer but wish to hire movers to assist you with the heavy lifting and labour involved with loading and unloading your belongings.

The third, and most common, option is to hire a moving company to load, deliver, and unload your belongings. You would pack up everything and have it ready for the movers but they will ensure your furniture is disassembled, wrapped, carefully loaded onto the truck from you home and unloaded and placed in your new home. This is almost a full-service move. You may even have the movers pack your fragile items.

The fourth option is the full-service move. Our teams will pack your belongings, carefully load everything onto the moving van, transport to your new home, and unload and place as you direct. We will even unpack the boxes at destination, placing contents in areas you advise (typically on a flat surface, we don't usually put the items away), and removing all of the packing material from your home. This makes settling in much easier.

Carefully compare the advantages, services and costs of a professional mover as opposed to a do-it-yourself move, based on the range of services available from the movers you call.

Ask your moving consultant to provide with with estimates based on different service options - this will help you determine what fits your budget and how much you'd like the movers to look after.

Then you decide which moving method is best for you.

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