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Monday, 29 January 2018 14:53

Eight clever ways to save on your full-service move

Generally speaking, (A) reducing the amount of items to be moved, (B) preparing your home and belongings for the movers, and (C) looking at options for moving dates and types of pricing are strategies that will save you money on your full-service move. We’ve taken a closer look at those strategies below.

1. If you’re moving long distance … out of town, across the province or to the other side of the country, weight will be a factor in the cost of your move. Lighten the load. Books, canned and dry food items, and furniture are the usual culprits. What to do?

  • Box up your canned and unopened non-perishable food items. Let your mover know and they will be happy to deliver them to the local food bank.
  • Gather up unwanted (we know, it can be hard to make the separation, but you’ll be glad you did … less is more!) clothes, books, housewares, furniture, and donate them to appropriate community organizations. Some will even come pick them up for you.
  • Want to MAKE some money? Try selling some of your purged items online - there are quite a few marketplaces for used items - facebook typically has local groups dedicated to the resale or barter of used items - often by category; Kijiji is tried and true; and ebay might be your venue if you’ve some hot collectibles or higher end items.

2. If you’re packing yourself, consider used moving cartons … our offices sell used moving cartons at a discounted rate and they’re standard sizes for moving meaning less trips for the movers and more efficient loading on the truck, so, in the case of a local move, this will save time and save you money.

3. If you’re packing yourself avoid using bags, baskets, odds and ends … try to efficiently pack and consolidate smaller items - see tip #2 for why that matters. Standard and sturdy moving cartons (or totes) will provide better protection to your belongings while they’re in transit and won’t get confused with discarded items.

4. You’re hiring movers to save yourself the work and worry but if you can meet them halfway, certain preparation strategies can save you lots on time:

  • Consolidating furniture and boxes within the house will save on time.
  • If you can, disassemble furniture like beds - the movers will pad and wrap all of your furniture.
  • Take down workshops and pack heavier items and tools separately from workbenches and cabinets.
  • Prepare appliances that will be moving - block washers (what does this mean? Our consultants can explain!Check with your appliance manufacturers for guidelines. Even small appliances need preparation - make sure to drain coffee makers and water coolers in advance.

5. Label your boxes with the rooms they need to go in at destination. This saves time since the movers don’t need to ask about each piece and will save you stress trying to find things at your new spot. If you grouped things at origin to speed up the loading, labels will ensure delivery is accurate.

6. If you can be flexible about your dates, you can often take advantage of the high/low volume discounts movers offer. Quieter days will get you a better rate. Planning ahead and asking about timing will facilitate this cost-saver. Moving outside of the summer months could save you hundreds of dollars on your move.

7. Additionally, if you're moving long distance, ask your consultant about a fixed price move. This will guarantee your cost so if the move goes a bit heavier, you will only pay the fixed price given to you in advance.

8. IF you change what you plan to move - Communicate this to your mover before moving day. Adding items will extend the service time and can impact cost.

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