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Tuesday, 09 June 2015 11:47

Moving By Van Or Container?

Increased flexibility may be a perfect fit for you!

If your mover has both vans and domestic containers available for your move, how do you choose which to use?

Vans are the most common choice because they are the most obvious, and because not all movers have containers available. Containers are sealed, water tight vaults for your goods, shipped on special container trailers. They offer several advantages.

First, they can be dedicated to your use and protect your shipment from being shipped alongside someone else’s. Second, they offer you a shorter transit time because containers can be shipped as individuals and do not have to wait to be filled as a van does. Third, and for the same reason, their flexible transportation schedule allows for delayed delivery because they do not have to travel the day they are filled.

And finally, short term storage is easier and more affordable. Your goods are stored right in the container in which they have been loaded, without the bother, expense and additional risk of being unloaded into a warehouse for storage and then loaded again for delivery to your new home.capital movers local container

Some companies that use containers also offer a you-load service for additional savings. The container is deposited at your home. You prepare and load your shipment into the container, and then it is picked up and transported to your destination where, once again, you unload. If you choose this option, be sure to ask your moving company for literature so you can perform the job properly and guard against damage in transit. Learn more about our Moving Containers here.

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