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Tuesday, 09 June 2015 09:07

Is a summer move best for families?

The weather’s friendlier, school is over for the season but the destination may be lonely until September.

Another consideration is your children. Most people prefer to move during the summer, so as not to disrupt their children by moving in the middle of the school year. Once again, it is not absolutely necessary to move between June and September. A mid-year move can be a smoother transition, if your children participate in the family plan. As far as children are concerned a summer move can prove to be quite lonely as neighbourhood children may be away for the summer or on family vacations. Your children do not have access to new acquaintances as they would if they were immediately going to their new school. Summer is busiest time of the year for movers and, in addition to paying more, you may have difficulty finding a company to move you at this time.

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