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Tuesday, 09 June 2015 09:10

Cost of Long Distance Moves

It’s all about the weight … this might be the time to purge your closets and cupboards!

For long distance moves, professional moving company prices are based not on time but on the weight of your shipment and distance to be traveled. When you are quoted an estimate for your move, be sure you understand how the estimate has been calculated and test it’s validity. Make sure that all estimates are based on the same weight so you can compare them confidently. Also, ensure that you discuss with your salesperson all extra services you will need so that you don’t set yourself up for disappointing surprises.

Extra services include the transportation of you automobile by a third party company, the servicing of appliances prior to and after transit to protect them from inherent damage, the shipment of pets, terms of storage, etc. Any additional pickups or deliveries must also be disclosed during the visual survey of your home. Be sure to tell your salesperson about any additional possessions at your office, cottage or elsewhere that will be going with your shipments.

The mover’s estimate will be based on a careful visual survey of the contents of your home. Be sure your salesperson sees everything that is to be shipped. Omitting items from the survey will not make your move less expensive since your actual charges will be based on the actual weight of your goods.

Service and price go hand in hand, and your decision should be based on both. Shop around for rates and levels of service and be honest when you discuss your requirements with salespeople. Make sure all prices are based on common levels of service-otherwise it will be difficult to make an informed decision.

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