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Tuesday, 09 June 2015 09:09

Cost of Local Moves

Moving across the street? How much will you need to budget?

For local moves, most professional mover prices are based on hourly rates. After establishing the services you need, find out this hourly rate and be sure to determine how many helpers this will include. The salesperson will estimate the number of hours required for the move, based upon the volume of your shipment. Ask questions to test the reliability of this estimate.

The general rule for estimating local moves is that the contents of each room averages approximately 1,000 pounds. It takes four movers about one hour to move out, load, unload and move in, a 1,000 pounds. Add for travel time, excessive carrying distances if applicable, stair carries if necessary, waiting time for the elevator, etc. Add an extra 10 minutes for each major appliance, piano, pool table, etc. This should give you a reasonable estimate of the time required.

Count the number of rooms in your home and multiply by one hour per room. Add time for variables, appliances, etc. and add this to your total. Then multiply the time in hours by the quoted hourly rate, and you have a rough estimate.

If you choose to have a professional move you, insist on a visual survey of your home to obtain a more accurate estimate. That will be more reliable.

Don’t forget that, for local moves, the company’s hourly charges begin when the truck leaves the warehouse and do not stop until the truck returns to the warehouse. Remember to make allowances for this time in your calculations.


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