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Tuesday, 09 June 2015 09:05

Avoid Peak Times

Month end is the busiest time – can you move a week earlier or later? If you can’t avoid peak times, book well in advance!

The first decision to be made is the date of your move. For most people, this will coincide with the closing date of the purchase, sale or rental of their home. Begin to make things easier by avoiding weekends and month ends. These are the most commonly requested times and everyone in the moving business is most busy then. Whether you intend to rent a truck and move yourself, or to hire a professional mover to provide the full range of services, these peak times will be harder to arrange and may be more expensive. Why not move mid-week, which is a slower time of the month? There is no need to close the deal on your home at the traditional month end and, in fact, both purchaser and vendor of the home will benefit by a closing date during slower moving times.

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