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Overseas & International



Walker's Van & Storage | Capital Movers & Storage are members of the MoverOne International Network. As a member of MoverOne International, we are able to fully coordinate and perform your international move. This makes your around-the-world-relocation as smooth and hassle-free as a move across town. Please contact one of our Moving Consultants today for information.


International Moving Company

As professional movers, we understand all of the components that comprise an international move. Beyond moving boxes and moving supplies to your new destination, you must also move yourself. This involves more than just ensuring that items arrive at their destination. Moving internationally means moving your entire life. We don't just transport your items – we can also help guide you through the international moving process from customs and immigration forms to a guide of your new location.

International Moving Checklist

Checklists are a major part of every move – especially an international move. They help to provide you with order and with peace of mind that nothing will be forgotten when coordinating your international move. Hiring Walker’s Van & Storage | Capital Movers & Storage is an easy way to check hiring an international moving company off your moving checklist.

Services for Overseas & International Moving include:

Documentation - what you need before you move
Admissible and Inadmissable Items based on Destination Country
Coordinating shipping times and destination services
Wrapping, packing and crating your goods for transit by air or sea

International Moving Options

At Walker’s Van & Storage | Capital Movers & Storage we offer different international moving options to uniquely suit your international moving needs. We offer Ocean Freight Shipping, as well as Air Freight Shipping.

Benefits of Ocean Freight Shipping:

Developed receiving ports
Flexibility in transportable materials
Ideal for large distances and heavy loads
Less costly than Air Freight Shipping

Benefits of Air Freight Shipping:

Less costly insurance premiums
Ability to transport cargo almost anywhere a plane can fly
High level of security

Canada to U.S. Moving

If you’re planning on moving from Canada to the United States there are several requirements you must meet. Our expertly trained staff know the ins and outs of moving into the United States.

We can also provide you with a guide that contains:
All required documentation
Customs information
Restrictions on household goods/pets
Vehicle entry information
Names, phone numbers, and addresses of government agencies

Personalized International Move

At Walker’s Van & Storage | Capital Movers & Storage, we respond to your specific moving needs and ensure that your move is personalized. From moving boxes to all moving supplies, our moving company is your one stop shop for all your international moving needs.

If you are moving overseas, we are your choice for international movers offering unparalleled customer service.

Please contact one of our Moving Consultants today for information. Use our handy quote request form or contact form to get in touch now.