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Wednesday, 15 March 2017 13:50

What Can I Store

Perhaps you are downsizing or renovating your home or office.  You have gone through the motions of clearing out the unwanted items in your home but find that you still have a lot of important, valuable, or sentimental goods that you can't bear to part with.  If you are a business, perhaps you need a place to store excess inventory, office furniture, or boxes. The seasons have changed and you need a safe warm place to store your small recreational vehicles.   North Bay Storage is a heated storage warehouse that allows you to store some items or goods, where extreme temperature changes may cause damage. Electronics, vinyl records, old photos, business files, tax returns are examples where temperature is not your friend.

Eight typical household items and office items that you may want to put into storage:

  • furniture
  • clothing
  • papers
  • office desks & chairs
  • ATVs
  • ski-doos
  • small boats
  • canoes

When storing small motorized vehicles, it is important to follow the process of preparing them for short term storage. Please ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for removing hazardous or flammable materials prior to arrival at the North Bay Storage Warehouse.