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Heated Storage Solutions - North Bay

Heated Storage Solutions - North Bay

Our North Bay Storage Warehouse is an indoor, heated storage facility that offers a cost-effective storage solution for both residential and business customers. It is hard to delegate your excess possessions to a cold lonely storage unit and we understand.  When choosing a heated, managed storage solution, we take care of all the worries you would normally have when using a self-storage unit.  Our safe and secure storage warehouse ensures that there is more than a single lock standing between your stored goods and a potential thief or vandal.  You have an entire team dedicated to keeping possessions safe and secure.

If you have questions about choosing a fully managed, heated storage solution over a self-storage unit, why not give us a call.  We are specialists at providing a cost-effective storage solution for your commercial, business, or residential needs.  We are dedicated to keeping your stored household goods safe and secure for as long as your need us to. 

While you are renovating your office, business space or your home, we can provide a secure and affordable storage that fits your timeline and budget.

Need Affordable Heated Storage?

When it comes to cost and value, North Bay Managed Storage is the best choice for your storage needs. 

Our convenient ground-level and dock-height access enables easy self hauling to our storage facility. North Bay Storage also offers pickup and delivery of your stored goods into/out of storage available for a reasonable fee.  Please contact us for a quote.  
Perhaps you are downsizing or renovating your home or office.  You have gone through the motions of clearing out the unwanted items in your home but find that you still have a lot of important, valuable, or sentimental goods that you can't bear to part with.  If you are a business, perhaps you need a place to store excess inventory, office furniture, or boxes. The seasons have changed and you need a safe warm place to store your small recreational vehicles.   North Bay Storage is a heated storage warehouse that allows you to store some items or goods, where…
North Bay Storage knows that it may be difficult to store your goods away from your home and office.  We take security seriously and you can rest easy knowing that your stored possessions are in good hands.  During business hours at the storage warehouse, we strictly monitor who is in our building with a sign-in/sign-out policy.  This ensures that we know who is in our building and what storage area they are accessing. At all times, whether during our hours of operation and or afterhours, the building is securely locked and your storage items are monitored with a 24/7 monitored security…