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Moving Containers

Moving by containers, instead of by a traditional moving truck, offers increased flexibility, potential savings, and several other benefits.


UVLContainerA150Flexibility in service options for your local move or long distance move is a key benefit of moving containers.

You can choose full service moving by containers or a do-it-yourself version.


Full-service moving containers

With a full-service move by moving containers, you won’t notice much difference on loading and delivery days - our professional movers will carefully prepare and load your belongings into the container and similarly unload and place them at your destination. Timing is usually where the full benefit of moving containers is noticed in a full-service move. In a long-distance move, you can choose to have your belongings delivered when you need them without the need for them to be placed in a storage warehouse if there’s an extended period between load day and delivery day. The containers can also be shipped as soon as they’re loaded. With a local move, you often benefit from a greater choice of available move dates if you are moving by container.


Another benefit to container moving is that your belongings do not share space with anyone else’s - as they might on a traditional moving truck. This is not too relevant in a local move but certainly is in a long-distance move if your shipment does not require area of a moving trailer.


Do-it-yourself moving containers

The do-it-yourself moving option shares the timing, in-line storage, and dedicated space advantages of a full-service move using containers but expands upon timing flexibility even more. When you choose do-it-yourself moving with containers, you load and unload the containers at your pace, on your schedule and then we just move your container from your old home to your new home. You can have the container placed at your residence and take a day, a few days or a week to load it. Once you’re ready, we come to pick it up and carefully transport your belongings to your new home. All required moving equipment is provided with your container including clean moving pads, and straps. The do-it-yourself moving container option is available for both local (in town) and long-distance moves.capcont


Rental of our local, 20’, Capital Moving & Storage containers generates a donation to ShelterBox Canada.


Container Storage

A third common use of moving containers is portable storage - usually for short or mid-term durations.

As mentioned above - if you anticipate a delay between your load date and when you need the furniture delivered, container storage can be a great way to keep your belongings together, minimize handling, and give you the greatest flexibility in scheduling your preferred delivery date.

CAPITAL CONTAINER KHSEven if you are not moving, container storage can be an effective and easy option for portable storage needs. Whether you have storage container placed and kept at your location or prefer it be kept in our secure yard, container storage is great for renovations, home staging, inventory overflow, and other needs. If stored in our secure yard, access is available during business hours, Monday through Friday.


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