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What kind of storage suits my stuff?

DEEP RIVER STORAGE:  You’ve got things to store and we’ve got space to store them.

My stuff ...

Choose the type of storage that’s best for your needs. Answer the questions below to help you decide whether Palletized (full-service warehouse) Storage or Self Storage is your best option.

1.  What are you storing? The type of items you’ll be putting into storage may indicate the storage solution that’s best for you.
__ Household items (a full/partial array of items—often pending a move or renovation)
__ Seasonal items (e.g. Christmas decorations; patio furniture; sports equipment; clothing)
__ “Archival items” - loved treasures that no longer fit in your home but wish to keep
__ BIG stuff—boats, ATVs, trampolines, trailers, vehicles … often referred to as toys :)

2.  How long will you need to store it?
__ A few weeks
__ A few months
__ Six months to a year
__ Longer than that
__ I don’t really know

3.  How often will you need access?
__ Every week, often, not sure but regularly
__ Once in a while—depends on things
__ Seasonally
__ Maybe once or twice a year
__ Not until I remove it

4.  What features are most important to you?
__ Access/convenience
__ Security
__ Price
__ Service (e.g. the heavy lifting; delivery)

Service Features

Now think about the features you would want in your storage arrangement

Global features of Walker’s storage: 

heated indoor storage
secure indoor & outdoor storage—fully monitored and alarmed
friendly service personnel available during office hours Monday-Friday
pickup/delivery options available

independent access
convenience (come and go)

Self storage is good for: convenience, 24-7 independent access; shorter storage terms; seasonal needs.

Palletized warehouse storage:
service (delivery in/out if wanted; pallet assistance)
low monthly pricing
heated, secure
affordable, short-notice access

Palletized and racked warehouse storage is good for: full service; lower storage fees; longer term storage; larger storage lots; bigger items.


How much will it cost? Use our downloadable worksheet to compare the cost of Self-Storage and Palletized Warehouse Storage for your items.


 (Click on the image to download a printable PDF)

Good to know …

How to compare?

Capacity - 1 pallet ~ 5x10 unit | 2 pallets > 10x10 unit (Two professionally loaded pallets will hold lots more than a 10x10 unit)

Self-storage: Transport of goods into locker and any protective wrapping are DIY. You can access without fees or notice.
Warehouse: Our pros transport your items from dock, and efficiently load your pallet(s), providing full protective padding and wrapping. An inventory of your contents is also generated and provided to you. *If you access your goods several times within a 48-hour period, the access fee is only charged once. This comes in handy for things like snow tire changes!

Insurance—Required for warehouse storage and based on the declared value (DV) of your items in storage. Covers any damage that occurs while your belongings are in our care.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. our Deep River office to get a quote, book storage space, or learn more about our storage services.