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Long Distance Moving

No matter why you’re making a long distance move, at Capital Movers & Storage and Walker’s Van & Storage we have the experience to make this your best move ever.

For decades we have provided professional, reliable moving services to our customers. Care and excellence are hallmarks of our company. We train our staff to ensure your belongings arrive safely, securely, on time and on budget.  

We’ve put together long distance move milestones to make the process as easy as possible. After all, we’re the experts working for you ;)

2-3 months before 

>  Contact three moving companies for quotes
Obtain a written estimate of services and costs - with each charge itemized on the quote. Long distance moves are billed on a combination of weight and distance. Will you pack or will the movers? Your quote should also include a delivery schedule that the mover must adhere to. It’s important to do research about the companies you contact. More on that here.
>  Make administrative arrangements
Think: finalizing a contract with a new job or confirming your transfer with work, buying a place, switching utilities, or signing your kids up for school.
>  Talk to your community
Ask friends and family if they have advice about your new location and if they know anyone in the area. Contact them about the best amenities, public services, and recreation opportunities. Your mover may have a program in place to provide an orientation guide to your new community. Google is also your friend in this way.
>  Hire movers
Make sure you trust the company or person you decide on (research! referrals!). Sign a contract to have your items delivered on time and on budget. Ask for packing tips.

1 month before

>  Go through everything you have and decide what must come and what can stay
Usually, a lighter move is less expensive, so sell or give away non-essential items.
>  Start packing with a manageable goal like two rooms a week
Living rooms, offices and decorations are a good place to begin. Pack your clothes and bathroom stuff last. Ask your mover about moving boxes and supplies.

One week before

>  Make sure all your boxes are labelled with where they go in the new place
Add “Fragile” on all sides of a box if its contents are delicate and “Unpack First” for the things that need to be, you guessed it, unpacked first. If you’re packing yourself it really helps to make a list of the cartons you’ve packed and a note of what’s gone into each..
>  Consume your perishable food and give away the rest
Eat avocado toast three days a week if you must. Cans can be picked up by or dropped off at the Food Bank. Most movers will happily deliver your donated non-perishable items to the local Food Bank for you.

Moving Day!

>  Keep important things with you
People, passports, house and legal documents, pills, and pets. Enough said.
>  Let the movers do their thing!
Still back, relax and enjoy. You’ve done a lot of hard work to get to where you are. Have a safe journey and enjoy your new community.

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